Entrepreneurship in Sweden

In these days, entrepreneurship has become prominent in developed and developing countries. Entrepreneurship in Sweden is no different. Motivations behind this fact is that entrepreneurial activities contribute to innovation, economic growth and lower unemployment rates. Development of start-ups can be shown as a major indicator for this entrepreneurial trend. Sweden, is among these developed countries […]

Foreign Market Entry: 6 questions that will help to get ready

  A new market entry is a truly exciting opportunity for companies that are seeking ways to grow and expand. While there are several strategies to grow a business, companies that provide globally relevant offerings and unique value propositions should strongly consider growth by entering new markets. While expanding a business into a new market […]

Egoistic vs Altruistic Motive

What is the motive that makes people participate in a survey?
Denmark has set ambitious targets of being independent of fossil energy in 2050. These targets demand a larger production of renewable energy. They also require that the consumers have to change their consumption in order to meet these improvements in energy efficiency (Energistyrelsen, 2016). So, how can companies attract its customers to cooperate with them? […]